glen proebstel

Glen Proebstel is an New York based stylist who produces work of a truly international standard. His ability lies, not only in his skill of selecting and bringing objects together in an aesthetically pleasing way, but in his innate feel for how to create an emotional connection.

‘create your own style... let it be unique to yourself
yet identifiable to others’ - orson wells

The quality of Glen’s work comes from the understanding of fundamentals such as scale, texture, placement, colour and light, but the magic comes from the unexpected, the witty and the quirky play that underpins his signature style.

He is collaborative by nature and the work he produces is often the result of working closely with photographers and clients to draw out the potential in any brief. He is a rare combination of a highly creative talent who knows how to be organized and plan so that the beauty of the result is no mere accident.

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